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The Game Has Changed... since the rebirth of the cryptolocker Ransomware strain, the game has really changed and what is being  referred to as a business killer.The only true defence is a reliable backup strategy. The innocent is the target for the distributors of this type of threat, they launch convincing email campaigns that use trusted sources such as British Gas, Sky, even mimic your client base to convince you to deliver the 'payload' so it can encrypt your files. The cyber criminals hold the decryption key at ransom for the exchange for a Bitcoin or two, as bitcoins could be as much as £750 each careful consideration needs to be taken when dealing with these kinds of threats. On average 30% of files are recovered, once companies are exposed as payers will be constantly hit with  further attacks. This is happening now.

 The threat is real! 

There is only one real solution, contact us today and let us help you arm your company against cyber criminals.  

" Organisations should be reminded that cyber security is a matter for the boardroom not just the IT Department"




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 Our mission is to help all sizes of companies with their infrastructure needs and supporting their journey through the many challenges that face all companies in the world of data today! Helping to form strong data protection strategies through to protecting from third party prosecution.
With a bespoke UK based datacentre we offer full support for backup and development of data systems that allow companies to expand. We deliver the full package including Consultancy, Development and Installation of the latest  innovative technology, that will propel your company from strength to strength while ensuring protection and security is built into every solution. 

With many threats in the world today from the seen: Hackers, Malware, Viruses and theft to the unseen: Employee damage, Malicious and intentional corruption or deletion, cyber theft. It really is a mine field, getting the solution wrong can cause business to be affected or the company to close.

At SMILE we help you get professional advice in developing a secure and protected strategy, installation and upgrades to your infrastructure, understanding the business technology needs especially in relation to growth, support existing systems and developing bespoke solutions. 

We are developing new ways to support companies through complex issues and now connectivity, we are growing our infrastructure in the Lincolnshire area and supplying connections to our super fast feature rich network. We are proud to offer network infrastructure to support all needs including Fibre connections, Ethernet Networks, Air Fibre Products, Building Links, Fast 99.9% up-time monitored local WI-FI networks, Backbone Infrastructure, Telephone and CCTV solutions we are becoming a leader in provisioning in the area.

GDPR are you ready?
You may or may not know what this four letter abbreviation means or you may think it does not apply to you. These four letters are changing the digital landscape in less than a year. The General Data Protection Regulation is set to change the way we store data and  location where your data is stored. Many companies have migrated to the cloud, most companies could not tell you where the cloud is or what it is but trust their data to it daily. The idea of the cloud is a fantastic concept that allows you to store your data across a network, 1000's of servers and drives spread across the world offering resilience and dedicated services to ensure your data is safe. Under the guidelines set by the Data Protection Act and now regulated under GDPR scheduled to be inforce by 25th May 2018, data needs to located, defined and safe and more importantly in the UK. Data is changing and the rights of the data has always been that of the ownership of the person the data is about or concerning. Storage of this data is a whole new concern for the organisations protecting clients rights. Contact us today to ensure your ready for GDPR before its too late!

 One main area companies are very vulnerable is in storing and ensuring the safety of their daily generated data. This can be from virus, hacker, malicious attacks or from domestic incursions such as staff accidentally deleting data or improperly storing data, failed systems and components, theft, employee or an intruder,  fire and also  flood. Most companies would find it difficult to reform data that is lost and only an effective backup strategy with strong solution installed will help your company recover quickly and efficiently.   Financial loss can also be caused by recovery time, if you have a data incursion of any time the restoration period could cost you customers and revenue, especially in areas where your systems are essential to deliver a product or service. 

Recovery from events or simply protecting your network with firewalls is definitely not enough. Ransomware is the current vehicle that hackers are using to hold your data at Ransom. Your  data  may not be as protected as you think, devious and unscrupulous individuals are targeting all sizes of business because they know more than most that your data is becoming the center of your business.  Business has changed and you need to change to protect your business, the EDGE of any business (how it interfaces with its client base) is the most vulnerable area that can be exploited.   Most networks can be exposed to all kinds of Malware and Ransomware, cyber criminals are targeting the vulnerable and impressionable withinn your organisation they are constructing elaborate schemes that prey on employee’s lack of training and awareness, creating innocent looking emails that can bring a large companies to their knees.

If you own a business that cannot afford protection at a corporate level they are still vulnerable to Ransomware attacks. How can you defend yourself if you are a SME or a one man band.   We look at ever company no matter its size in the same way protection and resilience is the only cure. 

We provide sound advice and knowledge to protect your company in a way that you alone may not be able to, and deliver a service that will protect your data from theft, attacks digital or physical and deliver a safeguard that until recently was looked at the last line of defence. The game has changed. No longer the last line of defence but the only true way to be sure continuance is an option.

   Contact us today for a free phone consultation or maybe a site survey to establish if you are protected or if assume you are. 

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