Protecting Your Data is a full time job.
Reliably storing data and being assured that the data is there, usable, and uncorrupted can be a challenge, the world has changed within the regard to data storage and security. There is only one way to ensure that your data will be retrievable and will be there when you need it.

Many threats are present:
Accidental Deletion
Staff Problems
Fire, Flood, Theft.
Ransomware / Malware 
Hardware Failure
Disaster Recovery
Many More............

When you are considering the factors in data storage you need assurances, we store a second copy or generation of your data and in many forms so that you can be assured when disasters happen your valuable data is safe.

Developing a resilient strategy to data and its storage is essential for business continuity strategy and also essential for standards such as ISO9001, Where you have a responsibility for your customers data and how its protected.Company vulnerability analysis is only one of the ways we can help.

We have now also decided that anyone who would like to try the software for the maximum of 25Gb storage is available free for the maximum of 31 Days. Simply fill in the form and you can get backing up today.

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I accept that during the free trial period Smile Data Securty Ltd. accept no responsibility for any data loss or offer any data assurances until a full paid account is subscribed to.*

A few notes to help with the form.

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Email address: We will set this as your usename for the system

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We are fully committed to provide your business with the best possible data infrastructure solution, and deliver it in a way that will minimize the disruption to your business.  This is supported with 24/7 support and all of our policies and procedures are ISO accredited, offering peace of mind that your company is supported by an audited process.