What make us different to other network installation companies?   

What we are: ·
Qualified Structural Cabling Engineers
Qualified Server Engineers
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 27001 Certified 

 If it requires an IP address we can help!   
What we are NOT: Resellers for BT or any other network

  We offer structured cabling solutions for your business

What we Offer: ·
Fibre lease lines up to 1GBTS
Centralised Distribution in Immingham and Gainsborough
Own infrastructure Supplier
WIFI backup Link as standard
Temporary networks to longhaul and backhaul services
FTTC Fibre to The Cabinet connectivity

Broadband Connection Types and Definitions
Leased Lines: Fibre connection with 1-2-1 connectivity non contended**
G.E.A, Generic Ethernet Access
N.G.A: Next Generation Access
F.T.T.C: Fibre To The Cabinet
A.D.S.L: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

We work with our clients to offer the best possible solutions with minimum business downtime. 

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A few notes to help with the form.

Line Symmetry: 
Async: Upload and Download speed is the same
Half Parity: Upload speed is approx half of Download Speed
Non Parity: Upload speed is approx 5-10%of Download Speed

Contact Us Today: 01427 857 240

We are fully committed to provide your business with the best possible data infrastructure solution, and deliver it in a way that will minimize the disruption to your business.  This is supported with 24/7 support and all of our policies and procedures are ISO accredited, offering peace of mind that your company is supported by an audited process.